Assessment Rides

OK so you’re looking at maybe applying for the Advanced Motorcycle Test but, not sure if its for you?

Our FREE assessment ride will give you an insight to what we teach.

You will be asked to meet up with one of our observers who will give you a brief chat before setting off for a short ride. The observer will follow giving you directions. The observer will then give a demo ride followed by a short debrief. The observer is not there to judge you, only to advise.

The assessment ride takes about one and a half hours of your time. It ís carried out by an observer who has been trained to a high standard using the Police System and will have passed a stringent test.

If you feel you will gain from the IAM training you then have the option to join us when you are ready.
What is the police system?

The police system of motorcycle control consists of processing information as you’re riding so that you are ready for any eventuality that may arise. By being ready for what may happen you are going to be a far safer rider.

You will hear the phrase ëIPSGAí mentioned many times through out your training. This the acronym for Information-Position-Speed-Gear-Acceleration this is the police system.
After you have passed your test

Now that you have passed your test and have been riding for a year you will be given the option to progress to the special assessment. This is at a higher level of riding skill and is very rewarding. This is free if you are a full member of the group.