“Ride Outs” as we call them are simply a few to “many” members of the group of us getting together regularly to enjoy a social ride which also helps to keep our advanced riding skills “honed”.  The destinations are varied (and most often include a cafe) where members can have a bite to eat, something to drink, and have a chat.  Typically a ride can be up to 2 hours before a rest stop at a cafe or similar, with a return back towards the start point of similar duration. We have volunteer ride leaders who create the route and lead a rideout, and also a “Tail End Charlie” whose role is to ensure no-one is lost at junctions.

We normally use “The Drop Off System” to ensure that members of the ride don’t get lost a junctions, and in certain circumstances we may use the “Buddy System”.  The ride leader decides the system that will be used on the day and will give a full briefing before setting off.

Any group members are welcome to join, whether full, associates or friends. We also allow members of the public who are interested in taking their advanced test, to try a ride with us before they decide to commit to joining the group as a member.  It is recommended that any rider who is not currently a member contact the Ride Coordinator at least 48 hours before a rideout, so that a short ride assessment ride can be arranged to ensure basic competance before being allowed to join the rideout.

We are all enthusiastic motorcyclists who enjoy riding foremost, and all are keen talk about their motorcycling experience and to extoll the virtues of advanced riding to anyone who stands still long enough to listen.

Details of our future rideouts will be posted on Events.

Note:  There is a group policy in case of adverse weather as follows.  If the temperature is forecast to be 4 Degree or less, or there are high winds or heavy rain, it is likely that the official rideout will be cancelled by the Ride Coordinator.  This decision does not prevent anyone from riding.  If you want to have a Rideout, simply turn up and ride, although you may have to make up your own route.  What we wanted to do was remove any pressure to ride> (and especially on ride leaders to lead in conditions with which they may be uncomfortable) from members.